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UCL Field course at FSC Kindrogan (summer 2016-2018)

The Kindrogan Field Study Centre is situated 30min north-east of Pitlochry (Scotland). Surrounded by forests, meadows, lochs and the river Ardle it is a beautiful place and a great opportunity to enjoy the wildlife of Scotland. Every year, UCL students get the chance to go on a field course to study different natural habitats; starting from 3 days at Hampstead Heath in London to one week here at the station .

During the course, the students will be introduced to arthropod life, freshwater aquatics and birds (incl. the study of bird song).

This place is also a good place for wildlife photography and attracts many photographers over the course of the year. Some of my shots can be found below.

Before the start of the student’s mini projects we have usually half a day off to explore the mountains around Glenshee. The hike goes along a river through grass land and patches of heather. Every non and then a scared Red Grouse will be taking off if you are lucky … Whether or not you make it up to the top is worth the trip.

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