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Star Wars-themed works made from PERSPEX

Han Solo's Millenium Falcon

This is where it all started. I was thinking of a special Christmas gift for my brother. Obviously it had to be Star Wars related as he's a massiv fan. But I didn't want to buy something. As I said it was meant to be something special.

We had been to the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Secret Cinema which was amazing and that's where it hit me. He had just moved to a new place and could use some nice gadgets to make this new place his home. ... a lamp it is then!!!

Christmas ornaments don't have to be all traditional

Again another Christmas. 

Recently, I had realised that some young people don't seem to like having Christmas trees at home or the Christmas decorations in general. It was the time Rogue One made it into the cinemas around Christmas. What could be better then using the occasion to make it a Star Wars Christmas!?

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