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Upcycled record shelf

Old pallet wood looking nice and shiny again

Whoever in love with DIY will agree that such a hobby can be quite costly. One is quickly learning to be resource-efficient when it comes to material as well as very creative when seeing an opportunity for “freebees”. Many times I’ve passed collection points and seen old pallets hanging around. One of these days I couldn’t resist. The wood was perfect. I just had to get all the staples out of it and a new project was born: an upcycled record shelf.

Thanks to the Institute of Making‘s new sanding machine I was pretty quick in sanding the batch down to an even thickness.


In the next step, I used two different saws to trim my material to the right sizes (long and short panels for the different sides).

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The idea was to make the edges more interesting by giving them a nice pattern. Every other board would be aligned with 1cm difference to the other boards. Before getting into the next step, I needed to ‘dry-assemble’ my record shelf to check for mistakes … and good I did.

After correcting the faults in my assembly, I went on with domino-jointing to give my record shelf all the stability it needed.

The domino-jointing was definitely the most time-consuming part so far. Due to the special edge pattern attention had to be paid to the alignment and order of the boards. Once done, I assembled all boards of each side and used wood glue and clamps to fix them.


To be continued …


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